Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ambika Devi talks about her books meditation and the persuit of happiness!

Ambika chats with Elite Online Publishing about her books and teaching. Watch here. Her new book Unfolding Happiness is now available in paperback, digitally and audiobook here.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Show up March 16, 2016©Ambika Devi

Show up March 16, 2016©Ambika Devi
I disappeared and just returned

from a time-space-continuum journey

unbeknownst to me had occurred

until this moment

a haze of idiocrasy


what had been tolerable just a flash ago

now laying in smoky clouds of Armageddon muddle

I was gone for a millisecond

sitting in a cave of contemplation

until disturbed

by the exploitation of love as porn

rat-parts injected into tomatoes

fed to the masses

on twelve inch poison-pill pies

of brain cell manipulation

listening to the suppression of sacred sisters

disallowing their education

watchful Shakti

is strong

support and cheering

from the powerful spirit brothers

who sing from the other side

in a chorus led by Gandhi and Che

infusing what is left of our cellular bubbles

with freedom and righteousness

as yet another top ten list of fluff for fashionistas

is hocked up

She of 10,000 eyes


barricades are useless feeble fantasies

we climb and burrow

and are able to walk straight through your flimsy obstructions


is not a choice

nor a method

of the middle road

don’t be fooled

walking the talk

is the only acceptable answer

grab the hands of the beings next to you

use the divine vibration of your voice

there is only one word

and the word is LOVE

this is

the only way

and you


show up

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The "Lilith" audio book is here!

"Lilith" published by Mythologem Press is a winning New Age Fiction Finalist in the 2015 International Book Awards you listening to Lilith?  
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Great Summer listening!